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How to Host a Vintage Tea Party

Before you choose a date, decide numbers! Think about how many people you can realistically and comfortably sit around your table.

Everyone is busy these days so even with a few months notice you’ll find that some people may already have plans. Don’t leave it too late to get a date pencilled in people’s diaries.

Once you’ve got your numbers and date sorted, get thinking about your menu. How much time will you have to prepare food?

Do any of your guests have food allergies or is there anything that they don’t like?

Part of the fun of holding a vintage tea party is getting dressed up so do make the effort and invite your guests to do the same! You can wear fancy hats, pearl necklaces or make hair fascinators.

Use vintage teacups and plates on the table. It sets the tone for an elegant tea party. Relax and enjoy!

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