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Catering Menu

Additional Services
Table linens
Set up prior to event
Service attendants

Breakfast Buffet
Fruit Platter_edited.jpg
Breakfast at Tiffany's ~ $20 per person
Bone china tableware included
Minimum order for 12 guests
Assorted Petite Baked Goods
scones, cinnamon rolls, danishes, muffins, croissants, squares, brioche, cookies, fruit pita, bagels
Cream Cheese
Fruit Platter
Coffee & Tea
Milk, Cream, Sugar, Sweetener
Orange Juice
Lemon Infused Water

Cream Tea ~ $15 per person
Bone china tableware included
Minimum order for 12 guests
Cranberry Scone
Strawberry Compote
Clotted Cream
Whole Leaf Pyramid Tea
Milk, Sugar

cup of tea.jpg
sconte with compote & cream_edited.jpg
Luncheon Buffet_edited.jpg
Cheese Tray_edited.jpg
mini desserts_edited.png
 Luncheon Buffet ~ $30 per person
Bone china tableware included
Minimum order for 20 guests
Finger Sandwiches
Cheese & Crackers
Veggies & Dip
Dainty Cookies
Petite Desserts
Fresh Sliced Fruit
Lemon Infused Water
Coffee, Tea
Milk, Cream, Sugar, Sweetener
Linen for Buffet Table & Drink Station

Classic Afternoon Tea ~ $40 per person
Bone china tableware included
Minimum order for 12 guests
Tea Sandwiches & Olive Spirals
Cranberry Scones
Clotted Cream & Strawberry Preserves
Petite Desserts
Dainty Cookies
Fruit Skewers
Whole Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags
Milk & Sugar

tea sandwiches
Fruit picks.jpg
Teacup sugar cookies.jpg
Children's Princess Tea ~ $15 per person
Fine china tableware included.
Minimum order for 12 guests.
Tea Sandwiches
Cake Pop
Teapot & Tea Cup Sugar Cookie
Mini Fruit Kebab
Iced Tea
Vintage hats, Hair fascinators
Feather boas, Pearl necklaces
Little ladies gloves & purses

 Royal High Tea ~ $50 per person
Bone china tableware included
Minimum order for 12 guests
Sparkling Virgin Mimosa
Tea Sandwiches & Pinwheels
Gourmet Canapes
Mini Quiche
Cranberry Scones
(Clotted Cream, Lemon Curd & Strawberry Preserves)
Decadent Pastries
Dainty Cookies
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Whole Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags
Milk, Sugar, Sweetener, Lemon, Honey

Petit Fours
Cranberry scones.jpg
Screenshot 2023-10-26 102631.png
Dainty cookies_edited.jpg
Sugar Hearts.jpg
flower tea.jpg
 A La Carte Menu
Arranged on recyclable trays
Finger Sandwich Platter (80 pieces) ~ $85
Olive Spirals (12 pieces) ~ $10 each
Pinwheels (12 pieces) ~ $15 each
Gourmet Canapes (minimum 12) ~ $1.75 each
Mini Quiche (minimum 12) ~ $1.75 each
Kale Salad (serves 10) ~ $20
Pear Salad (serves 10) ~ $24
Strawberry Salad (serves 10) ~ $24
Veggies & Dip Platter (serves 30) ~ $40
Cranberry Scones (minimum 12) ~ $2.50 each
Preserves ~ $6 jar
Strawberry Compote ~ $8 jar
Lemon Curd ~ $7 jar
Clotted Cream ~ $9 jar
Petite Desserts ~ $1.25 each
Pink Petit Fours ~ $1.50 each
Decadent Pastries ~ $2 each
Cake Pops ~ $1.50 each
Teapot & Tea Cup Sugar Cookies ~ $2.50 ea
Dainty Cookies ~ $1 each
Fruit Skewers ~ $2.50 each
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries ~ $2.50 each
Fruit Platter (serves 30) ~ $45

Individual Tea Bags (20 assorted) ~ $7
Whole Leaf Pyramid Tea (12 assorted) ~ $10
Blooming Flower Tea ~ $1
Sweet Tea Bomb (minimum 6) ~ $5 each
Sugar Hearts (12 same colour) ~ $3
Beverage Service
$1.85 per person (minimum 30 guests)
coffee, tea, milk, cream, sugar, sweetener, lemon, honey

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